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Build Better Life is based in India and we provide Life Coaching and Parenting Coaching services around the world.

Our coaching sessions will be a catalyst for change and understanding of yourself, transforming your life into something better than before, so that every day brings new experiences worth living – not just traveling those miles down memory lane.

Do you suffer from Social Phobia, Social Fears?

Schedule Session with us for “ Social Phobia Elimination Coaching “ and build better life.

Addiction can harm your personal relationships, career

Schedule session with us for “ Deaddiction Coaching “ and build better life.

Are you stuck in the past memories that trigger pain and sadness

Schedule Session with us for “ Past Memories Healing Coaching“ ” and move forward in life.

There is something you want in your life to change now.

Schedule Session with us for “ Smart Achiever Coaching” get help in setting the goals and achieving them.

Are you going through a grief, separation pain?

Schedule Session with us for “ Grief/ Separation Recovery Coaching ” and move forward in life

Is your relationship with your partner going through conflicts,

Schedule Session with us for “ Relationship Coaching ” and build better relationships.

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See why they love it so much!

I had a very old issue of Anxiety, Nervousness and Panic Attacks . I tried even medication , however things did not work out for me. .I have been taking session from BUILDBETTERLIFE for few weeks and I have already started experience the difference .Thanks BBL team!

Dr. RD sharma – Sr . Resident at a reknowed Hospital

I had extremely bad anger issues . I met BUILDBETTERLIFE coach at a point that it had damaged my relationship’s both at work and my personal life. I have been taking “Anger Management & Release Coaching” session for few weeks and I have already seen difference in my life. Thanks Coach!

R Yadav – Sr Leader in MNC

I had several Fear’s and limiting belief those were holding me back. My Start up was going through a tough time. Coach I met helped me both as a life coach and Business coach and there was no looking back . Glad we are doing very well as a start up today .

R Agarwal – Start up Founder

I was low in confidence and had Stage fear . I just couldn’t present in front of Sr. Leadership and lost many career opportunities. Thank god I took sessions from BUILDBETTERLIFE. Today I am doing very well and had got a promotion and onsite opportunity. Thanks Coach!

Divya Bansal Ghosh : Business Analyst in MNC

I had recently lost my husband. I was into deep depression and attempted suicide. My brother introduced me to BUILDBETTERLIFE and also got a custom package for me. Today I am confident women and taking care of not just my self but also my late husband business . BUILDBETTERLIFE coach saved me and my complete family. I would continue my coaching forever…

Richa S V Singh- Business Women

We have a teen Son and had issues like Lack of Confidence ,Addiction To Gadgets and Online games and Resistance in Studies . Thanks to the Parenting Coach we met she helped us through various techniques and we see our son and our relationship with him improving every day.

Mr. and Mrs Devgowda – Parent’s of a Teen