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These 2 nights and 3 days retreats offer a unique experience. The Workshop is a combination , One on one Coaching session (2) ,Relaxation Therapies, mindfulness, yoga and other forms of alternative support therapies - all focusing on helping individuals to heal in a safe environment with others that are needing the same support.

People suffering from mental imbalance and feeling worn out is an unwelcome but common side effect of our modern environment. The implications of mental clarity issues have a negative impact on your daily life. They not only influence your professional performance, but they also cause emotional issues including despair, anxiety, and stress. Fortunately, there are methods for dealing with this, with life coaching being one of them. Life counselling services are in high demand these days, and you can now get them at some of the world's most beautiful wellness retreats. These life coaching retreats, which take place in stunning locations throughout the India, can help you refocus while enjoying luxurious spa treatments and personal coaching sessions that will help you become a new, more successful you. These exquisite hideaways will allow you to disconnect from your hectic daily routine, while professional treatments and holistic classes will provide you with the relaxation and life-changing rejuvenation you deserve.

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October 2022
30,000+Tax Per Person
10-15Participants only