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What Is a Parent Coach ?

Parenthood is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences a person can have. Children provide a lot of joy and happiness, but they also come with a lot of duty and dedication. Parenting has always been an on-the-job training for decades, yet this has resulted in incompetence, dissatisfaction, and frustration. Experts today recognise that, like other courses and professions of study, parenting is a subject that has to be taught to aspiring parents. With today's enormous needs, pressures, and demands on individuals, it's more important than ever to raise strong, independent, emotionally stable, and resilient children who can manage failure gracefully and navigate life with ease.

As parents, we are continuously fighting tooth and nail to provide our children with the greatest possible education. Even with everything, though, there are times when we feel lost and confused. Parent coaching help you understand your child's behaviour and keep you up to date on scientific procedures come in handy at times like these. Each child and parent is different, so what works for one might not work for the other. As a result, the key to happy parenting is to improve your techniques, understand your child and yourself, and seek help that is tailored to you and your child's needs.

Parent coach is a professional who helps parents and caregivers learn and improve knowledge and skills that support their child's development in a range of areas through a capacity-building approach. When one or both parents (or any primary caregiver) meet with a professional coach to support goal attainment in the area of parenting, this is known as parent coaching. The coach can employ psychoeducation and evidence-based strategies to handle challenges involving children in this nonjudgmental context.

Who Should Consider Working with a Parent Coach?

Parent or primary caregiver involved in raising a child.

What does Parent coaching involve?

Parent coaching can help with a multitude of issues including transitions and changes.A parent coach is usually approached across the three Stage of a child i.e tolddler , Mid schooler and teens for challenge’s associated such as following
To help understand ,support and channelise Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional changes in Child when he/she step from toddler to mid schooler and mid schooler into Teen age.

Common Challenges that Parents Face with toddler and Mid-schooler
  • Lack of focus/ Concentration on one task for long.
  • Overactive/ hyperactive child
  • A child always wants something and while largely all needs are met, but he is seldom satisfied when he gets it.
  • Attention seeker and not willing to share
  • Constantly has conflicts with siblings
  • Child is unable to manage changes in routine with ease
  • Sleeping and eating disorder
  • Lack of confidence
  • Child is unable to express in a right way.
Common Challenges that Parents Face with Teens
  • Poor Eating habits, Lack of Focus
  • Lack of attention to detail,
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Addiction To Gadgets and Online games
  • Resistance During Studies
  • Depression
  • Drugs use , Alcohol use
  • Academic Pressure leading to dropout or poor performance
  • Aggressive And Violent Attitude
  • Lack of Focus, Disobedience
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How is Parent coaching delivered? What does the process look like?

We offers both face-to-face Parent coaching services and online Parent coaching services.

Each session is a one hour process. The sessions are spaced once a week, once a fortnight or sometimes once a month, depending on many factors. Typically, a Parent coach will work with you for 4 to 6 months to ensure your goals are achieved.

The process begins with getting clarity on the outcome of the coaching relationship and the goals. Once realistic goals are created, then the coach will help you explore your current reality, internal blocks and future alternatives and options. Consequently, an action plan is created and implemented to achieve desired outcomes.

Benefits of Using a Parent Coach

Coaching offers parents the tools required to handle nearly any situation in the family unit. Coaches assist moms and dads in building an easy roadmap to:

  • Learn better ways to respond to situations instead of react
  • Create a happier, calmer and more inviting family dynamic and eliminate yelling
  • Learn ways to be a firm but patient and kind parent
  • Remain calm during every parenting situation
  • Provide the child attention and tools to find their own solution
  • Learn effective ways to communicate with children of any age
  • Comprehend how the behavioral patterns and needs of children change as they grow
  • Improve the parent/child relationship and sibling relationships

All of these solutions help parents to provide the type of parenting their children need to thrive. When parents spend less time parenting they have more time to do the things they most love to do.Today’s hectic lifestyles create busy families and parents are overwhelmed! Coaching helps solve many common issues and teaches parents how to increase their child’s responsibilities and respect while decreasing bickering, arguing and whining.

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